Flexible and adaptable – HelloFresh in our new normal (+ NZ $140 off discount when ordering through me! )

Hellofresh meals and inspirations

(Italian Pork & Fennel ribolitta with Orzo pasta and garlic crumbly cheese)

Hellofresh 2022

(Easy Lemon Pepper Chicken, potato wedges, crumbly cheese salad)

Hellofresh 2022

(Cheesy Pork Bunless Burger Bowl)

Hellofresh 2022

(Seared Pork and Creamy Peppercorn sauce)

Hellofresh 2022

(Spicy Lamb Rump with potato wedges and garden salad)

[Note: we received 2 meal kits as a gift. ]

Having enjoyed Hellofresh meals over the last few years, we have come to appreciate the ease of ordering and cooking the dishes.

Meal kits are a mainstay, especially in this covid pandemic world, and we’ve tried many kits but none of them ticked all the boxes for our family, unlike Hellofresh. We have continued to use it because they have now got more than 30 Classic, Family and Vegetarian dishes available across the platform for you to choose from!

Hellofresh meals and inspirations

(Teriyaki chicken rice bowl)

Hellofresh meals and inspirations

(Beef bulgogi rice bowl)

From tried and tested dishes to newer flavours, I usually order a variety to ensure we have a good selection for the week. Some recipes has an additional option to swap out the proteins: beef mince or strips for a stir fry, chicken thighs or breast, extra portion of vegetables for a small extra charge.

To me, the beauty of HelloFresh lies in all the options it gives us: I show my daughter the upcoming weeks’ menus (three weeks’ worth are available to preview) and she decides what she would like to have. Sometimes the options are so good that we even order an extra meal on top of our standard box size.

Hellofresh meals and inspirations

(BBQ pulled pork and brioche subs)

Hellofresh meals and inspirations

(Easy garlic beef and roast vege)

I also treat the menus more as a guide than strict instructions. For example, we were a bit tired of potatoes one night and just swapped it with rice from our pantry, saving the potato for a later meal. I also added a curry sauce and created a new dish. Bit like a MasterChef mystery box challenge.

Hellofresh 2022

These boxes were super handy during the covid lockdowns – I was the least stressed the week I had an order coming. Going forward, it will be a useful service that gives us back our time.

I ordered a normal box for Christmas and took 2 of the meals to share with family as the mains.

Hellofresh 2022

(Pork schnitzels with creamy peppercorn sauce)

For the first time, I’m trying their sides and ordered ready-to-eat meals, snacks and a fruit kit. Like the bagel below. They also have a selection of desserts, soups, bread and also occasional grocery add-ons.

Hellofresh meals and inspirations
These changes made it a straight forward choice for us when choosing a meal delivery service. We will be ordering more definitely.

Head over to their website with the link, use code HELLOSAVENZ and you’ll receive up to $140 discount off your first 4 boxes. (Discount is based on the number of meals. For example the 4 people 5 nights box discount is split $75 off the 1st box, $45 off the 2nd, and $10 off the next 2 boxes.).

ps. The links are affiliated. What this means is I will receive a small commission for every new HelloFresh customer using the link and code. Thanks in advance! I only post affiliated links when I am happy to pay for the products myself. Always.

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