Bespoke Pottery

Comfort Waters on red clay

JMT Ceramics

Introducing JMT ceramics.
Made in Auckland by a mother daughter duo who share the love of pottery.
Our style is clean aesthetics, geometric symmetry and functional designs.

Jacqueline loves making lidded objects (her favourite being a teapot) and you’ll see her whimsical painting on bespoke items.

Michelle loves functional items such as bowls, plates, cups, tumblers, pourers and snack dishes. She also makes a range of miniatures to compliment food photography and styling.

From time to time, we will offer limited editions that are not in our core collection. Test shapes, experimental glaze colours and commissions.

We also offer a semi-customised service: you can choose bisque-fired items from our collection and request it to be glazed in one of our glaze colour offerings. It does take longer for the work to be ready (1- 2 weeks) but this grants you the choice of glaze colour.

Please note, final product and colours are subject to variation due to the nature of the throwing, glazing and firing process. That’s the beauty of ceramics – each piece is unique.

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Clockwise: Comfort Waters, Seashell, Slate, Mariana, Moss. On red clay.

Core colours

๐Ÿš Seashell – matt white

๐ŸŒฑ Moss – a very beautiful unique green with varying tints and tones

๐ŸŒ‘ Slate – rocks weathering naturally

๐Ÿšข Mariana – deep blue with mystic swirls of white

๐ŸŒŠ Comfort Waters – soft baby blue, patchy at times reflecting ocean depths

โญ Toheroa – this creamy yellow white took me instantly to the beaches of Dargaville where we did a case study on populations of Toheroa, a large bivalve mollusc of the family Mesodesmatidae, endemic to New Zealand.

Toheroa on red clay

๐Ÿ๏ธ Tidal – glossy blue with pink undertones, beautiful on vases, jugs, tall vessels.

One-off blue/green glaze, on tall teapot made by Jacqueline
Cups in Slate, on stoneware.

๐Ÿ–๏ธ Shoreline – distinct overlap of blue and caramel, mimicking the beach and ocean.

Shoreline, on stoneware

Stylist plates and dip bowls

Oval platter in Slate, condiment dishes in Seashell, Moss and Red Algae, on red clay.
Oval platter in Slate, condiment dishes in Seashell, Moss and Red Algae, on red clay.
Moss, on red clay
Stylist set (plate, side dish, condiment, spoon) in Seashell, Moss, Slate, on red clay.

Part of the lockdown capsule, these reflect the 2021 that was –

– planning meals, cooking and plating food on the family table three times a day.

– pieces created by hand, thus all having an organic feel and look. Each piece is different!

– surface texture created with material received over the lockdown.

– coloured with our unique glazes, these functional pieces are very limited in numbers.

Contact us to discuss your bespoke order. Email: Instagram: jmtceramicsnz