Creme brûlée macarons

Thinking about creme brûlée desserts, what comes to your mind right away? For me it is the scent of caramel and vanilla, the beautiful golden colour of the brittle on top, the cracking sound of it breaking as you lightly but assertively knock it with your spoon and then the velvety creamy custard as you…

Lemon Lime and Bitters Macarons

I adore the mix of sweet and sour flavours. Think raspberries and chocolate; cherries in a Black Forest cake; passionfruit and white chocolate. The sharpness of an ingredient contrasting with the sweetness and richness of chocolate – very effective in waking up taste buds I would say. Angostura isn’t something one can add to anything….

Whittakers’ 100s and 1000s Macarons

OH what fun when Whittakers released the 100s and 1000s pink coloured white chocolate slabs! I did a 100s and 1000s macaron before with a salted caramel filling and now there is an even easier way. All you do is make your shells, then make the ganache with the chocolate slab and voilà, you have…

Vanilla Bean Macarons with buttercream

I have been making all sorts of crazy flavours lately and my colleague requested her favourite flavour – vanilla.  A good vanilla dessert calls for good quality vanilla bean, not any of the imitation stuff. I’ve used seeds from vanilla bean to flavour the shells and then a Heilala vanilla paste to flavour the buttercream….

Salted Caramel Macarons

It happened to be my work’s third birthday a few weeks ago and in celebration I made these aqua blue macarons and paired them with my all time favourite – salted caramel filling. I might have to make a salted caramel cake next, such is my addition to the salty sweet caramelly  flavours. Watch this…