Ouch – The Soup and Elastoplast comes to my aid …oh and a giveaway!

‘Ouch! I can’t believe I’ve cut myself again!’ I thought to myself as I reach for my ringing cellphone. It was The Soup calling about their Elastoplast Blogger project – and they have selected me to be part of it. ‘How timely!’ I thought.

As part of this exclusive Soup project, I have been sent a pack of Elastoplast Heavy Fabric Waterproof plasters. My task is to give them a good road test to see how they measure up to their claims.

What they say:

  • Hi-DryTEX technology making the strip 100% waterproof
  • ‘Sure stick’ adhesive to keep the wound fully protected from bacteria
  • Flexible fabric that adapts to twists and turns of your body so it’s comfy to wear.

To see what they are really capable of, they will be put through some rigorous testing:

Challenge 1:

Stickability – just how strong is the ‘sure stick’ adhesive?

Challenge 2:

Waterproof – how does it respond to water?

I will be asking my friends and colleagues to test these out too. Results to come in the next post and in the mean time…

Blog Competition Giveaway:

They have kindly sponsored a $200 gift voucher and 2 packs of Elastoplast Heavy Fabric Waterproof plasters for me to give away to one lucky reader. So kind! All you have to do is this: Follow my blog and in 30 words describe why you think the Elastoplast strip would be good for you in the comments section to this and the upcoming posts about this project. Easy Peasy. Just follow the instructions below.

Step 1
Follow this blog! (click on the follow button on the side bar to the right)

Step 2
Like Hopes dreams aspirations on Facebook. (Click on the Like button on the side bar.)

Step 3
Leave a reply to this post below to let me know you are following and we are now friends. In 30 words describe why you think the Elastoplast strip would be good for you.

Step 4
Share this with your friends and get an extra entry into the competition! Tell me that in your reply.

Good luck to all!!

Eligibility: New Zealand only. Closing Date: 10 July 2012, 12pm. Now because this blog is primarily about food and photography, I’ve chosen the gift to be used at Auckland Camera Centre, one of my favourite shops in New Zealand. One $200 account will be set up for the winner to spend on anything there. The winner will be selected by me and contacted via email by 11 July, 2012. The prize is sponsored by Elastoplast and the Soup.

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Kitty says:

    This looks interesting! Surely useful for the first-aid kit.

  2. Hey. I’m liking and following your blog and we are now FB friends.
    Why Elastoplast strips would be good for me:
    I always seem to have little nicks and cuts (call me clumsy), I bleed COPIOUSLY and I wash my hands a lot (a touch of OCD maybe).

  3. intermittentblogger says:

    What an awesome prize! I think a strong holding waterproof plaster is great if you’re using your hands a lot in the kitchen and need to know any of those annoying nicks you got whilst pretending to be a chopping ninja, or trying to force a new nozzle onto a retro icing kit will be properly covered.

  4. epoonlai says:

    I have liked Hopes Dreams Aspirations on FB and shared with my friends! Thanks for the competition.

    Elastoplast’s useful in the kitchen, shower, swimming & spa pools. Its nature: (1) waterproof, (2) fully protection from bacteria and (3) possible to twist and turn fulfils all my needs!

  5. Charlotte Vera says:

    Better late than never, right? I hemmed and hawed about “following” someone because I never had before. Mark will tell you I’m from the Stone Age.

    However, I am now not only an official follower of your blog (and pinterest!), but I have liked you on facebook and “shared” you with my friends! This competition is a great way to get me out of my comfort zone :o)

    As a mother, a baker, and someone suffering from hand eczema, Elastoplast’s new plasters may be just what I’m looking for: a covering bandage that is both breathable and water-resistant.

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