Final Elastoplast Challenge Results … and competition winner announced

So the last challenge I gave the Elastoplast Heavy Fabric Waterproof plasters was to wrap a nappy up with the supplied fabric piece and submerged it into water to see how waterproof it is.

The nappy I used have an indicator line that will tell me if it is wet or not. I turned the nappy inside out, wrapped it with the fabric tightly and in it went into the sink.

Nappy wrapped in plaster material

Plunging into the water…

soaking wrapped nappy in a bowl of water

ooo…a stream of air bubbles was seen coming out from several places of the plaster…I’m worried about the nappy…

water-logged nappy

…and my fears were realised when I opened the parcel to reveal a soaked nappy. It had been in the water for less than a minute, and it was quite wet already. I suppose water could have seeped in from the edges of the parcel. However, my main concern was how the fabric reacted to water when soaked – see the corners of the fabric in the photo above? the material has definitely taken on water, which is similar to what I experienced with the plaster on my finger.

The conclusion to these tests of the plaster: a flexible, firm plaster that has a level of waterproofness, but you would expect to change it every few hours.

…and a drumroll please for the announment of the compeition winner….


Congratulations! An email has been sent to you with details.

I’m sure you all enjoyed the little competition as much as I did, hopefully we’ll see more of these later on!

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