Queenstown: Landscape & Food

Photos in this post were taken during a recent conference trip to Queenstown, New Zealand.
Note: the last photo with Mt Tongario: it was taken before its recent eruption.

snow capped mountain
Views of Queenstown from the Skyline
wide angle shot of Queenstown
Queenstown night lights
wide angle shot of Queenstown night lights
Rata Dining by Josh Emett: Roast duck / turnip / dates / orange / almond with roasted yams and fresh salad
Rata Dining by Josh Emett: Granny Smith apple parfait/ sorbet / champagne sabayon
Photo with Ted (also known as Sir Graham Henry)

Goat cheese and caramelised red onion tart

Roasted chicken with potatoes

Lamb rump with spinach and potato rosti

Pinot Gris Panna Cotta with white chocolate ‘snow’ on biscuit and Pinot Noir pearls

Mt Ruapehu in the centre, Mt Ngauruhoe and Mt Tongariro to the left

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  1. Charlotte Vera says:

    Gorgeous photos! They make me want to visit Queensland, and I wasn’t particularly interested in the area before.

    And wow, that panna cotta looks amazing! I wonder how difficult it would be to recreate it? How does one acquire/make Pinot Noir pearls?

    1. michtsang says:

      Queenstown is beautiful, definitely a worth it travel destination. The panna cotta looked amazing but the taste wasn’t that great actually… Yea when I was looking at the dinner menu I was thinking the same thing – how would they do the pearls? I think you would reduce the wine, then add gelatine leaves, and drop them onto droplet moulds (I’ve seen them being used on masterchef) to set.

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