Wellington city at night

Wellington CBD from Oriental ParadeWellington CBD from Oriental ParadeWellington CBD from Oriental Paradelonely benchfountainWellington CBD from Oriental Parade
Tree lightsJuxtaposition between the White House and Beach Babylonunder jettyWhale SculptureBoat shedBoat shed

Wellington Night, a set on Flickr.

I am still grappling with the deep sense of satisfaction and joy I experienced a few nights ago when I went out after work for a photo shoot in Wellington city.

It was an incredibly calm evening, with virtually no wind – unheard of for the ‘windiest city’.
I was able to start relatively early, and started off from Oriental Parade, where I had just had the most amazing dinner at the White House Restaurant (see review of it from an earlier post).

A friend joined me for our evening shoot, and I found that shooting with company is actually far more enjoyable than alone – bouncing ideas off each other (out right stealing sometimes!!) and watching each other’s back. Perhaps the latter is the real reason for my state of mind (a female roaming the streets alone at night with camera gear is not exactly safe) allowing me to relax, focus and just enjoy the moment.

The night was incredibly calm and quiet, harbor still-ish. We set up our tripods and I can feel myself relaxing already.
During the long exposures, you press the button on the cable release, and then you pretty much just stand around, waiting for the required time to past. I look up and see my friend doing exactly the same thing. I can’t help but smile at the sight of two person standing idly around the tripod-mounted camera, not talking and waiting for the same magical sound of the shutter closing.

Photography is not something you can rush, and there aren’t a lot of people I know who would put up with me when I’m shooting…food will go cold they say!

I also understood why I was so incredibly happy – I was doing something for myself.

I had been quite stressed and anxious at work lately, and now I am feeling more at peace, recharged and back in the game.

Hope you enjoy these photos!

Via Flickr:
Wellington lights from Oriental Parade and the Boatshed

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  1. Two years ago! CRAZY.

    1. michtsang says:

      It has been too long!! What a journey though 😉

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