Tres Macs

This post is about trying a new lighting set up. These were shot in the afternoon.

In these photos, I had a dark brown kitchen bar stool sitting next to my living room sliding door, where the warm afternoon sun is coming in at a nice 45 degree angle, coming through from the left. The reason for choosing the bar stool is for its wooden-palette like stripes, which I’ve seen used in lots of food photography shots.
I used a white foam core board as background, and another one to the right at right angles as a bounce.
I tweaked the macarons a bit to show less chocolate ganache. Is it better?
How about having them flat on the plate, to show off their circular symmetry?
Here’s a photo of the boxed up gift for my colleague in exchange for some sour dough starter. See the shadow? I think I need a better bouncer! Will try the white umbrella with my speedlight next time – time is running out today!
Another shot of the gift with the top off.

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  1. Evelyn says:

    What sort of box did you use to give them away? I always have trouble finding appropriate boxes to fit macarons. I think the first photo is the most flattering for your macarons. 🙂

  2. michtsang says:

    Hi Evelyn, thanks for stopping by! I made my boxes with the Stampin Up! Big shot machine and a die called the Fancy Favour die. I used window sheets as the material and rolled it like a sandwich through the machine to get the box cut out. All I need to do next was fold the flaps and stick the side down. It was so easy 🙂 if you want to know more about this let me know and I can send you some more information on where to get them. Cheers!

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